What do Indian Women think about men in #SPECTS???!!!

SYED~01~01When the University of Dublin students conducted this research, in early 2013, they got results that were completely unexpected…!!!

We all know for a fact that none of the guys at clubs, at parties or at discos prefer wearing spects, so it was already an established fact that spects make a guy attractive.

And so was the expected to hear from women in Dublin Research Students but the majority of the interviewed women found men wearing spects rather attractive!!

Our study revealed that 75% of women find men wearing spects cute, innocent & charming, while 10% of them said that they would prefer men in contact lenses to men in spects. some of them even went to the extent of complaining that spects, alternative acceptable, are an unwelcoming interruption during a kiss!!!

IMG-20140925-WA0002~01~01If you a man in spects, however, this is a good news! you are attractive to 75% of Indian women & you are stereotyped as a serious, studious & a man of promises & if you sport the glass pair in formal meetings & interviews you do add a cherry on your CN.


Reasons why a man in spects is attractive:

  • Aww cute! Spects make men look cute & women love cute things! think teddy bears, think pets!!!
  • Spects add a dash of personality to you & who does not fall for a man with personality!
  • They make you look promising & nothing is more attractive to a women than a man who can breathe promise into a relationship!!!


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