10 things Indian women notice about men in first 10 minutes…

1. His physical appearance: your height, your weight and the way you carry yourself matters to us. Too much or too less of the either qualities, disqualifies you.

2. Your mane, your facial hair, your appearance: beauty is skin deep, showing perfect grooming and good personal hygiene scores high! We would like to learn more about him if we find him well groomed and hygienic.

3. Your confidence: we have a weakness for confident men.
4. Smile! If that smile is infectious then be ready for female attention. You deserve it!
P.S: we hate seeing that yellow teeth through your smile. It is never too late to visit your dentist.

5. Humour: Do you have your share of laugh and can you make us laugh? Boy, if yes, then you also have our attention.

6. Chauvinism: and this is what makes a man, a gentleman. There you not only draw a chair for your girl, you draw her heart! Never use slangs for her, or use slangs for other people in presence of her. The man with good conduct always deserves the best part of our attentions.


7. Conversation: put up a conversation with her, engage her in an intelligent talk and see the magic!

8. Eye contact: look into her eyes when you talk to her. This makes you look interested and draws her to you.
9. Respect her: no sane woman can stand disrespect. A big no!

10. Your ability to take responsibility: she needs to be cared for. And if you are ready to take responsibility, we are ready for you.