Surbhi speaks her heart out..

Can you ever think of appreciating a woman in public for her assets such as her cleavage or her buttocks?
Can you ever think of getting that ‘appreciative’ content on the web?
Can, we, as a society, ever stand that ‘appreciative’ content, put up by insensitive people further hauled by insensitive public?
And then expect such women to take such things as a compliment and stay mum!
Such things were done, in our society, by a reputed newspaper and a public figure.
Where the reputed daily made news out of Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show, Kamaal R Khan, posted lewd comments conducting a pole asking questions about Sonakshi Sinha’s buttocks.
And I appreciate these young women for sharply retorting against such instances of defaming them, while I have a girl crush on Deepika Padukone’s open letter that she wrote in response, slamming TOI for their article, Sonakshi Sinha tweeted slamming Kamaal Khan.
Their sharp reactions and support from public finally led TOI and Kamaal Khan to apologize for their deed. But was an apology enough? Is it not a shame for our society that these instances can dare to do such things? Without the fear of anything?
What are we doing? I see hundreds of blog posts everyday stating and grieving over the commodification of women, today very much like yesterday and day before yesterday, women are considered weak and crimes still happen against them without the fear of ineffective laws that our constitution puts forward to protect them. Today we could state hundreds of reasons as to why this is happening. The reasons of having a patriarchal makeup of the society, the reasons of ineffective laws and the reasons of extreme thoughtlessness by a group of insensitive people.
When our leaders also work out their part of reasoning stating that these instances of objectionable behaviour with women happen in ‘India’ and not in ‘Bharat’, or a khap panchayat leader implying his wonderful sense of reasoning that such examples of crimes against women occur due to eating ‘Choumin’!
The point to which I am most opposed to is that TOI and Kamaal R Khan dared to make such comments leave alone that laws are absent to punish them.
The newspaper still functions and KRK is still on Twitter.
The Indian media can give so many arguments of being granted the Freedom Of Expression. I am vehemently in support of such a freedom provided that this freedom is used in identifying the tainted officials, benefitting the society but if this freedom is rather used to insult women, be it any woman, I am against it.
I have heard many arguments that tell me KRK had been conducting such polls for publicity. Again, we must be ashamed of our society because a citizen could think of garnering publicity for whatever reasons by defaming women.
The same society where women are worshipped as Devi. Why such victimization of innocent women?
When you insult her by praising the cleavage of a lady,  remember that you are insulting the cleavage, the breasts that fed you to life. Remember, they are the reason behind your existence.
When you admire the tightness of her buttocks, remember someone else may do that for your wife, your sister or your daughter for that matter.
We as a civilisation, as a responsible society must instill in our children, the sense of responsibility to stand up against disrespect of any woman.
I will teach my son to not only to respect every woman but also to stand up against her victimization.
I will teach my daughter to never stay mum if any such thing happens to her and always feel proud to be a woman and never behave the weaker vessel that the society expects her to behave.
I know that all sensitive people there, who are reading this make a point to do their little bit in making or society a better place for women, a better place for your mother, your daughter, your wife, your sister.