The never so justified reaction!


A friend of mine, Faraz, told me a wonderful thing that really affected me. Patience’ is a word that is mentioned in the Koran, sixty six times! Sixty six times, it has been written, wonderfully caressed to explain its importance in a Muslim’s life. He told me that the word ‘Zihad’ which has been a misunderstood word today in the West, actually means, ” a non violent crusade of religion”
and not killing the innocent in the name of religion.
If someone puts my beloved, my god into caricatures and questions my belief system through cartoons, I will surely react. I will file all sorts of cases against it, I will start defaming the cause on social media but my aggression would never mean firing that would end s-e-v-e-n-t-e-e-n lives.
No, the thing that Charlie Hedbo did, caricaturing the Prophet Islam and doing everything in their paper that insults him. The cartoons, the humour, everything that has been continued since ages, very much defaming the Prophet of Islam. They had got warnings, since days, but it is again the freedom of expression that made them fearlessly swear that it was right for them to do such things and so their paper everyday, did have the things.
The Prophet, they feel, is the God of terrorists. They fail to see deeper that there are Muslims, peace loving Muslims, Prophet is their god and the Charlie Hedbo is defaming the God of that peace loving person. Carlie Hedbo publishes derogatory cartoons of the God of the innocent woman in burqa, the innocent children killed in Peshawar.
They fail to understand, that Terrorism has no religion. They are NOT Muslims. They are barbarians. Because I know a Muslim is a wonderful person who would do anything for supporting the right. Anything for helping the needy and would never adopt violence for proving his point.
Yes, they have been fearlessly publishing Prophet in all objectionable ways when one fine morning the terrorists came, blasted their office, killed their workers and aimed to completely annihilate the newspaper.
Seventeen lives were severed. Consider all these lives lost because of not recognizing a belief system!
Will you kill me if I say I disagree with you? Will you claim my life if I tell you that what you believe is stupid?
You will disrespect me. Hate me. Slam me.
But, kill me?
Did the terrorists realize that all the killed Hedboians may not be people who conspired caricaturing the Prophet?
I am told that taking lives comes naturally to them. They slay with ease but I am not able to believe it since I cannot bring myself to believe that a human being can easily claim another human being’s life to prove his point or to prove his religion great.
The paper that they failed to destroy has now accrued hatred for Prophet. They will publish further cartoons of Prophet
. But why is Prophet dragged into this, I have a further doubt.
But anyways, looking at the events I can say that Charlie Hedbo did a very wrong thing hurting the sentiments of Muslims,  but the the reaction of terrorists, they slayed seventeen lives is NEVER justified.


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