8 ways to #perfect your English #writing_skills..



1. English newspaper: drink every word of the daily English newspaper, specially the editorial page. This gives you a wider vision into a topic and helps you write more thoughtful.


2. Practice writing essays, letters, articles and speeches and get them reviewed by someone good at English.


3. Do it yourself: it is time to develop your own creativity and write for yourself. Taking help is good but make sure you do the work yourself.

4. Use required reference:  try to emulate the best writers in your writings. You will develop your own unique style that is a combination of best practices.


5. Listen: listen to English news and watch English movies.



6. Read English books even if you do not understand: look up into the Dictionary for new words you find  or try to guess the meaning from the context of the sentence.


7. Keep a small vocabulary diary: write minimum five new words you learn everyday into the diary and refer to it whenever you get time.


8. If possible always keep a small dictionary in your pocket: yes, even if you have that super fast browser on your sleek smartphone. Reading on paper is better for memory than reading on digital media.


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