10 things women wish men #KNEW…

Here is the pretty and #no_nonsense_lady #Prerna_Pradhan revealing the secrets what exactly do women wish that men knew…


1) Sometimes, we just need a peck on our forehead or a simple hug, realize when we need love and don’t complain if we are too emotional for something.


2) Negativity – women hate men..yes hate, who kill their spirit and bring drama into their lives and they eventually cancel the subscription to their issues…

3) brain and brawn – there is no brain vs brawn you better have both..!

woman-better-than-man 4) All gender stereotypes aside please…!   womeperformersn are your equal and some are even better so give them the equal treatment they deserve

sssh-500x375c 5) liar liar- pants on fire.-don’t try to fake or lie, women are even way ahead of a lie detector in detecting a lie ,she senses it soon enough and then the trust is forever denied  because cheating is not so cool.  Dear men, know that we are better than lie detectors.

gossipingcoworkers_thumb 6) indulge-u need to indulge in her ..in her pointless gossips   untill your brain is heavily junked, and that to without complaining. Boy, this is what she needs, price you pay for everything she gives to you.

How-to-Treat-Her-Right 7) men really need to relax these days _ you are not her dad,she is not your mother. don’t expect her to baby you, reassurance is good but don’t be needy or assume to be!

8) Small things count_ make her feel special.!  rom13 why? not because its a special occasion but because these are the things that show that you are willing to put an efforts.

9) when she is hyperactive don’t dare and say calm..! it has a negative effect on her for sure..

17yb5p806qbdfjpg 10.) Let her shop_ it is actually the genetic flaw of the hormone estrogen (lol). Let her shop till she drops..trust me every women loves it..!


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