7 ways to #improve your #concentration_skills.


1. Become an early bird: wake up early rather than staying up awake late in night. Early rising improves concentration.


2. Meditate: sit for meditation combined with breathing exercises for at least 10 minutes daily.


3. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day: incomplete sleep may result in a disturbed mind.


4. Don’t overdo your presence on web: too much spending time in front of web devices deteriorates your concentration power.


5. Have a complete breakfast: a recent research shows that people who have breakfast show higher levels of concentration than those who skipped breakfast.


6. Exercise: indulging in a little exercise couple of times in a week helps to increase concentration, specially yoga.

7. Do the e- exercise: take a newspaper or magazine and strike all the e’s in the page. 2 pages per day would be enough to work up your concentration skills…!!!


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