10 benefits of participating in a #tech_fest


1) Exposure: The tech fest gives a lot of exposure to your idea. The idea you have in your mind is of not much use until its shared with smarter and optimistic people who are willing to work for your idea and you meet such people in a tech fest.


2) Competence: The tech fest competition tests your competence. And anything that tests your competence makes you further more competent!


3) Diversity: The best part about any tech fest is the variety of people you meet. Its where different people of similar interests meet.


4) Real world rendezvous: How much feasible is your idea? Real people interested in your idea do a litmus test on the real world application of your idea which I doubt a place but a tech fest can promise.


5) Experience: you get close to living your dream….can any experience be a better one?


6)Meet people with similar likes and goals: Meet the superlatives in your field of interest or meet other smarter and more enthusiastic people with similar likes and goals. And you mostly meet creative and intelligent people in the fest.


7) Communication: your idea is effective only if people understand it. You develop these communication skills, that you may need in your future through these tech fests.


8) Learn management: travelling for your cause and sticking to your budget, tech fests give a chance to explore and develop such skills.


9) Learn to work in your team: Every successful person today emphasizes the importance of team work and some tech fests give you a chance to perfect the art of your team work.

01_Jody Sarno_Forrester_Graphic Synthesis

10) Learn to optimise your resources: Doing maximum in minimum expenses and finally winning the competition. The tech fest package teaches us all. All of us must participate.


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