I sit peacefully in my #tomb…

I sit peacefully in her womb.
I don’t realize that it is actually my tomb.
I feel protected, inside,
Unaware of treacherous world outside.

Waiting for the day I will jump out,
He, my father will be very happy, no doubts.
I have heard him wish, to see me play football,
And have the winning zeal that defeats all.

He wants a son who obeys him,
But I will come as a daughter and surprise him.
My mother, his nervous wife,
Don’t be nervous mother, I am healthy and alive.

I will be a faithful child,
And then my youth days would be wild,
I will be a wonderful mother,
Who cares for her child like no other.

Dear husband, I will be the joy of your life,
I would be your cheerful and positive wife.
Let all my honesty and toil,
Be dedicated to my wonderful country’s soil.

But I am murdered in the womb,
My tomb,
Not given a chance to live or try,
Killed before I could laugh or cry.

Mother, father is there a gain?
Do you even realize my pain?
I ask the world the time,
Is being a girl, A CRIME?


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