Love is exactly what you think of it…

x and y were talking to each other ,they both stayed up pretty late last night trying to figure out the the Defination of love..:)                        x explains love as a  sweet torture , where flirting is new to you and you enjoy being coy, it is kind of rare to come across a girl or   a guy who kind of creates an adjectival version of the word pedophile                                                                                                              who does not want to have those sage words of masculine and feminine advices in your life ,love is when you see the person and suddenly you start breathing through your nose and realize there never was enough air in this world.:P where  the background of your life stays intact over the song tmse milke dil ka hain jo haal kya kre( tune the lyrics in your head) secretly we all want to be loved and cared for isnt                                                                                                                                                                                             y -laughed giddily a bit enamored with the metaphor ! you know x you are going really blind there is nothing as such. you know whats the ratio of people who think like you.? make a circle ..made.. now draw a smaller circle within, that is  the ratio  bro..                                 get out of this fantasy world  and play it man after all turtles know more about roads than hares( winks)                                                   now my dear readers i leave it you..what kind of love you believe in ” ek intro dilwa de na yaar” or i cant fetch you stars but i love you more than they are…:)                                                                          

-Submitted by

Prerna Pradhan


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