Moral policing on #Valentine’s #day- not a very good idea SirJi..

“HJS call youth to oust
‘Valentine’s Day’
Focussing their attention on only
materialistic development while
dreaming about making Bharat a
‘Super Power’, the so called Secular
rulers have completely neglected our
culture. As a result of this, youth of this
country is keen on following the
western culture like ‘Valentine’s Day’
forgetting great Bharatiya culture.
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) is
calling upon the youth to oust Western
‘Valentine’s Day’ which ruins their
morality and be proud of their own
mother tongue, Nation and Dharma.
This call is given by HJS in order to
dissuade the youth from celebrating the
‘Valentine’s Day’ on 14 February”, the HJS message via web to the youth of India, released a few days before our 66th Republic day. 66 years after we asserted our rights to frame our own laws and India became a federal, democratic, republic. We are free and we frame our own laws….but, is so?
Does our constitution mention anywhere, the need for any moral policing? Any given organization policing us, forcing on us the ‘religiously right’ thing?
HJS stands for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.
Well Valentine’s day, is the celebration of love. When we see such messages by the moral police of our religion or any religion we must assume that we are a proud part of the religion that condemns the celebration of love, condemns love! Can a religion stand against love? Religion is in fact a way to love.
The message says that the country that does not celebrate Valentine’s day is on the way of becoming a super power, so we must suppose that the super power, the USA, does not celebrate Valentine’s day.
We are mature people, we are people who love our country’s development and we certainly know what it takes to make our country a super power and if we do not know, we certainly know that it’s NOT celebrating Valentine’s day.
Let it be clearly known that celebrating a day which is believed to be so Western does NOT hamper the development of any country and let the day bring a lot of love into our lives, such moral policing is not only an utterly unwelcome thing but it is also a shame for our country, our religion..


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