7 Things a #Fawad_Khan_fan will tell you…

1.) He is god’s gift to womankind. period.!


2.) His irresistible charm has made a subtle invasion into your heart..( sigh) which is more admired than derided.


3.) His voice is like an adorable music for you, words like ( ehtiyaat ,darmiyaan,masla)


4.) Not only great looking he is a fine actor , Fawad khan as Zaroon Junaid and Asher Hussain is a must see.


5.) He is chiselled to perfection with his inherent soft -poetic Urdu which makes you love him more ..ya Allah…


6.) As a  fan you feel he is  the mirror reflection of heartthrobs  #SHAH_RUKH_KHAN & salman khan ( I just took the risk..:)


7,) At last Fawad ,Fawad, Fawad,  even our countries being a counterpart,  you are a bundle of glee for us actor, singer, lyricist, script writer, director or poet, every time I see you, you definitely give me a love attack.( blush)!


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