They were in a coffee shop…

They were in the coffee shop,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
It was a photograph moment,
Bliss for the poetic wise.

The aura, the beauty,
the venue of adoration,
The lady, she grace, was a burning sensation.

And as handsome as the setting,
was the man, trim,
She would have no one,
but him!

But the usual, still and wonderful setting,
Does not for tell the future,
The future events are rather committed to,
The sole writing creature.

Why would she have, anyone, but him?
Because it is rather a treason,
And not the regular convention, to extract payments, without reason!

He has drunk two cups of coffee,
that bill multiplied with snacks and toffee,
And his head was down and still,
Apologizing for his inability to pay the bill.

Yes, they were in a coffee shop,
And still looked into each other’s eyes,
It remained a moment to be photographed,
A moment for the poetic wise!


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