#Girl_Power : how to look like a #model?

Posture: stand straight, a little stretched back. Don’t stoop your shoulders and look straight into the eyes of the person you are talking to. This posture is important as this ensures you have an air of confidence. article-2207730-152B47AD000005DC-503_634x842 Wear comfortable shoes but do not move in loafers every time– heels enhance your personality instantly, your steps in heels become graceful and the overall shape of your body looks good in heels. You have to be comfortable in your footwear but try and learn to wear heels on some special occasions.


Wear clothes that suit your body type: understand the shape if your body and wear clothes that suit your body type. Wear comfortable clothes but make sure you rock them.


Exercise: there is no pressure on you to look like a Victoria Street and exercise vigorously. Just keep in mind that exercise and workout, it keeps you healthy and also makes you glow naturally like a model.


Invest in a shape wear: girls, this is the cheat code to that slim look.


Get a new hairstyle every three months: because change is sexy!


Balance a dictionary on your head when at home, this helps you to walk gracefully.


Matching lingerie makes you feel confident and sexy. And feeling sexy is what being sexy is..


Always smile and wear makeup that compliments your features. While dressing up, always keep in mind to accentuate your best features.


Compliment people around you: this has wonderful benefits, you will realize once you do this.

Look into the mirror and practice speaking confidently: because a sexy orator is sexy anyways.


Meditate whenever you get time and keep on telling yourself that you are wonderful like a model. Convince yourself and you will convince the world.




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