I have #acne….am I perfect?

1st of March, 2012.

The courier man delivered a pricey acne removal treatment cream at my place the following morning. I had saved pennies from I don’t remember how long to buy this treatment kit, I had sacrificed having chocolates, ice creams and had not celebrated my birthday the following year to save that amount. My parents would never cash in money for any acne treatment, I knew.
The commercials for the product have been so attractive, so many people  sweared on its ability to remove acne overnight  and once I was convinced about its competence, I picked up the phone to dial the delivery number and oops! I had forgotten my std pin!

I go and ask my mother.
She shouts at me.

When the delivery comes, however, I forget everything and tear the package with eager hands and out comes the wonderful white treatment kit attached to a usage manual and pictures. I looked like the picture captioned ‘before’, my dark skin dripping in oil and full of acne and yes, I wanted it  clean and fair as the picture labelled ‘after’. This is the treatment I am following after all sorts of anti acne creams, cleansing medicines, cosmetics and spa treatments that only worked to further increase my acne.

Nothing would suit my skin but I had determination to remove all the stubborn acne from my face. Guys didn’t look any twice at me and every time I looked at myself in the mirror, all I could see was those dirty blemishes. This time they would be gone, I hoped.

I started to apply the treatment daily, as per the instructions, twice cleansing, toning and finally toping that up with an anti acne moisturizing cream. Days passed. Results came. I was patient still. I could see my acne increasing day by day but I did trust the anti acne cream that was working as pro acne.
My mother would shout at me everyday, the sight of me holding the acne cream would make her mad.
I paid no heed. I was patient still. I had hope. The acne reddened further. Ah! It hurt so much! But I was waiting still…..until one day my mother hid the kit somewhere. (I still don’t know where)
“Mumma…”, I shouted, “Give my kit back…now”.
Tears rolled down my cheeks. She made me sit beside her.
“Why do you need the cream, sweetheart?”, she asked.
“I want this acne to be gone”, I replied, pointing to my acne.
“Why?”, she asked.
“I doesn’t look good”
“Surbhi”, she said, “Stop crying, honey, because when you cry, I see your tears and your acne but when you smile, I see nothing but your smile. When you smile…… your cheekbones mount and your acne fade. Why do you think that your acne is an imperfection in you? It is not. Your acne just protects the beautiful skin under it. You are so beautiful, you must thank god for the healthy skin, for your white teeth, your large eyes, why waste your time in correcting something? Our imperfections make us unique, imperfect is beautiful, look at the wonderful things you have got and be happy because being happy and gorgeous is not just about being perfect, it is about looking beyond the imperfections.”

I still have acne. Nothing has changed but my thoughts. I care no more. I don’t use any treatment cream or hide my red acne with concealers or foundation cream but yes, I am happy and I am beautiful!

Gorgeous ladies. Beloved ladies. Stop being unhappy for your imperfections, love your perfect self. Be thankful for your assets. Realize the beauty inside you that no cosmetic could ever improve because the people who really love you will love you for your inner beautiful.
With lots of love,
Happy women’s day….

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